History of the GED® Program

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Nearly four million students are expected to graduate high school in the 2018-2019 school year. Thanks to technological advances, teens no longer have to attend public or private school to earn their diploma. Distance learning programs, such as the one offered by iSchool Virtual Academy, allow students to finish their education completely online.

This can be helpful for students who have experienced challenges in other academic settings and want to take ownership of their learning. Earning a diploma from an online high school is a superior alternative to the GED program, which has a long history dating back to the 1940s.

The GED program was designed for a very specific purpose – namely to assist people who were unable to earn their high school diploma due to circumstances that were largely out of their control. Today’s students should strongly consider an alternative such as online high school before falling back on a GED.

College admissions offices aren’t free of bias, and there are negative perceptions – regardless of their validity – that students who earn a GED may have dropped out of high school due to emotional, academic or behavioral issues that would negatively impact their ability to perform well at a community college or university.

Given the modern perception of GEDs, you may be wondering what conditions led to the initial establishment of the program. Why was it viewed as a more valid option when used for its original intended purpose?

GED History - ResponsiveEd - Infographic

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