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February 2019

6 Benefits of Preparatory Schools

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All parents understand the old adage that time goes by so quickly. One day, you have a baby at home. In the blink of an eye, your baby’s already in middle school and you start thinking about the possibility of enrolling them in a college preparatory school. How did this happen?

While we don’t have an answer to that question, we can help you flesh out the benefits of attending a college prep institution.

What are the benefits of a college preparatory school?

  1. The course load. While there are kids from traditional high schools all over the country who end up going to college, their education may not be specifically designed for that purpose. Some people opt to go to trade schools or join a family business. Since college prep schools exist precisely to get students ready for higher education, they design courses with that aim. Students may be taught by teachers who have a degree in the subject they are teaching.
  1. College campus visits. Kids can read a lot of information about colleges online. However, one of the main ways to find out whether they would be a good fit is to actually visit several campuses. They can also get firsthand knowledge about class sizes, the amount of diversity on-campus, athletic events, dorm life, and Greek life scene, to name a few.
  1. Assistance through the college application process. Applying to college can be overwhelming. Part of a college preparatory schools curriculum includes actually researching schools, gathering letters of recommendation, counseling in improving test scores, college essays, and providing valuable feedback to the students on their academic strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Earning college credits while still in high school. Taking college prep courses for credit also means developing better study skills and becoming more disciplined about the school curriculum. Since college credits tend to be expensive, arriving at a university with fewer credits to pay translates into tuition savings.

  3. SAT and ACT prep courses. Taking college entrance exams is stressful and often, overwhelming. While there is no way to completely eliminate nervousness, taking prep courses can increase the student’s confidence in their ability to successfully complete the examination. It also teaches them what to expect, and it gives them ample opportunity to work on areas that need improvement prior to test day. In addition, students who take prep courses often score higher on their entrance exams. This improves their chances of getting into their top college choices.

  4. Financial Aid. College tuition in the United States is expensive. In fact, it’s more expensive to go to college here than anywhere else in the world. While there are parents who can send their kids to costly schools with no issue, the reality is that the vast majority of students have to take out student loans or look for ways to qualify for financial aid. There are many options for need-based as well as merit-based financial aid, and the process can leave students feeling confused and overwhelmed. College prep school counselors are well-versed in navigating the different channels of applying for financial aid and even whether a particular student would qualify for a specific scholarship.

While all of the factors listed above are definitely beneficial, this is not to say that all college preparatory schools are inherently better than traditional public schools, or that prep school students have an automatic advantage. There are many circumstances that come into play when choosing the best educational institution for your child.

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