Preparing Your Virtual Students For Their Future Is Our Mission

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What Is iSchool’s Mission For Students?

We understand that students need to be prepared for their tech-forward future.

That’s why our Texas-certified teachers and staff are committed to providing the virtual support needed for parents and students.

We’re the #1 online public school in Texas because our focus is on supporting your entire family!

Our Philosophy

From 3rd grade to graduation, we’re on a mission to serve students who are dedicated to taking control of their academic success.

We Support Individual Goals

Our unique online program is built for flexibility. Our teachers and curriculum deliver a customized experience to help each student reach their individual goals.

We Deliver High-Level Interaction

We believe in creating high-level positive interactions for students to meet teachers and peers. We accomplish this virtually with student clubs, virtual field trips and more.

We Prepare Students For State Testing

Because we’re an online public school option, our students are required to complete state testing exams. We ensure success by preparing them early on for testing.

We Encourage Learning Habits

Our ultimate goal is to encourage and support life-long learners! We teach skills and habits that will motivate students to continue learning no matter their path after graduation.

We Stay Committed To The Future

We’re an online public school serving Texas families, which means that we aim to be at the forefront of virtual education. From uniquely designed curriculums to virtual field trips, we’re committed to innovative education.

We Motivate & Support Parents

Parent support is crucial to the success of the student. We offer free resources and guidance for parents so that they can continue to support and motivate their iSchool students.

Celebrating Our Graduate Success Stories

Hear About Experiences From Our iSchool Graduates