Our Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved core academic subject courses are administered to all students at the appropriate grade level.

Core Academic Subjects:
English | Reading | Language arts | Mathematics | Science | World languages | Civics and government | Economics | Arts | History | Geography

In addition to the core academic subject curriculum, iSchool Virtual Academy offers an extensive list of elective courses.


Our curriculum (BrightThinker) runs on a platform accessible through Blackboard, the most commonly used online learning system in the U.S.


When a student signs into our course, they will immediately see their calendar. If they have a scheduled class that day, it will appear on the calendar as a colored dot. By clicking on the class, they will see the lesson for the day, and based on the learning plan set up with their teacher, they will be able to proceed with the lesson.

Within those courses, they will be able to see when assignments, quizzes and exams are due. Students can follow the pacing in their plan or move more rapidly through content. At the end of each unit, they will take an exam. They can move to the next unit if they have scored at least a 70% on the test.

Our students do take the STAAR, so we do want to make sure they do not rush through the material and that they’ve thoroughly learned it before moving to the next unit.


Our curriculum offers flexible pacing, but not quite like the way it would be in a homeschooling context. You can speed up or slow down a little, but you can’t complete all your Math in September and then all your English in November. Across subjects you have to maintain a certain pace. In grades 3-8, students have the whole year to complete the content, but in high school, work must be completed during the semester in which students are registered for the class.

On a case-by-case basis, teachers may work with students to help them accelerate. There may be due dates on specific assignments that restrict working ahead too far. If students fall behind, our teachers will reach out and show due diligence.