What grades does iSchool Virtual Academy serve?

iSchool Virtual Academy currently serves students in grades 3-12.

How much does it cost to attend iSchool Virtual Academy?

iSchool Virtual Academy, a Responsive Education Solutions (ResponsiveEd®) charter school, is a tuition-free, online public school for eligible students.
Students are provided with all instructional materials for the program. Students and families will be responsible for providing materials for some courses, which may require additional supplies or materials for labs, art supplies, or other classes.

Who is eligible to attend iSchool Virtual Academy?

If your children live in Texas, will be in grades 3–12, and qualify under the terms of participation for enrollment, they are most likely eligible to attend iSchool Virtual Academy.

Please note special enrollment criteria. A Texas student is eligible to enroll if:

  • The student was enrolled in a public school in Texas in the preceding school year
  • The student has been placed in substitute care in this state, regardless of whether the student was enrolled in a public school in this state in the preceding school year
  • The student:
    – is a dependent of a member of the United States military
    – was previously enrolled in high school in Texas
    – no longer resides in Texas as a result of a military deployment or transfer

Please see our enrollment page for further details on eligibility criteria.

What subjects does iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas offer?

iSchool Virtual Academy offers a full curriculum for students in grades 3 through 12. Courses cover all core areas, including English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and elective course offerings in a variety of student interest areas.

Does iSchool Virtual Academy serve students with exceptional needs?

We serve students with a variety of academic needs and preferences. Our mission at iSchool Virtual Academy includes a personalized approach to learning that helps students meet their individual goals. iSchool Virtual Academy will provide services to meet your child’s needs based on the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). To discuss your child’s needs with us, please call 972.316.4543. If your child has a current 504 plan and you would like to discuss his/her needs, please call 972.316.4543.

How much daily time does a iSchool Virtual Academy student spend online?

The amount of time a student spends on the computer each day will vary according to student need. Online activities and assessments are supported with opportunities to receive live support from teachers, offline activities, and individualized learning opportunities.

Do I need to use my own computer to attend iSchool Virtual Academy?

You may use your own computer. However, if you don’t have one, you may request a Chromebook.

Will iSVA have a mascot?

Students, teachers, faculty, and staff will help to select a new mascot for the school year.

Will there be clubs?

We don’t have any clubs created just yet. However, teachers are anxious to get a few put together, so please stay on standby for the moment.

Will we have graduation?

Yes, an in-person, formal graduation ceremony is held in June near the DFW area. Students will purchase and wear gowns.

How big is the graduation?

The size of graduation depends on the number of seniors that we have graduating. Last year, students were able to invite an unlimited number of guests. Depending on where the graduation venue is held, we may have to limit the number of attendees each student brings to the ceremony.

Where will the graduation be?

Graduation will be near the DFW metroplex.

What if my student can't attend graduation?

We stream graduation live via Facebook, and all names are read out loud.

Will the diplomas look "official" (traditional)?

Yes, iSVA is an accredited public high school. Our diplomas look just like regular diplomas. The graduating institution listed on the diploma will be based on the program you are enrolled into: iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas or Premier High School Online. Please see the Our Program page for more information on these two programs.

Is the diploma a high school diploma or a GED diploma?

Our diplomas look like a traditional diploma. We are an accredited school. Our students have to meet all the same requirements as high school students in Texas, and our diplomas look like and mean the same thing as a diploma from a traditional Texas public school.

Will the diploma be recognized by colleges?

Yes, we are an accredited learning institution with the TEA.

Will I need to download any software?

Some courses do require some free software downloads. Students are provided instructions at the beginning of the course.

Where is the school calendar?

The high school calendar can be viewed here.

Do you have tutoring?

Yes, our Success Centers provide tutoring to students from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Students can make an appointment and go to tutoring in-person at our Arlington or San Antonio system. If students do not live within driving distance to one of our tutoring centers, we also have an online tutoring company we partner with to help students with support after hours.

When will my student served in special education be enrolled/have a class schedule?

The special education team has begun to make enrollment calls and schedule transfer ARD meetings. At the transfer ARD, the ARD Committee will discuss class schedules and determine services your student will have in the virtual setting.


Do iSchool Virtual Academy students have to participate in state testing?

Yes. iSchool Virtual Academy is a public school operating within the state of Texas. Therefore, ALL students are REQUIRED to participate in state testing (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, STAAR exams, End of Course Assessments (EOCs), whenever applicable). Parents and students must formally acknowledge this expectation during the enrollment process.

Will iSchool Virtual Academy graduates receive a Texas graduation diploma?

Yes. The diploma is issued to graduating seniors through iSchool Virtual Academy by ResponsiveEd®. In order to be eligible for graduation, all course work and graduation requirements prescribed by the state of Texas must be satisfactorily fulfilled.

Will iSchool Virtual Academy students have physical education classes?

Earning credit in Physical Education (PE) is one of the requirements to meet eligibility for graduation in the state of Texas and is, therefore, offered to ensure our students meet all requirements of their graduation plan.


When are iSchool Virtual Academy students able to access their school work?

Students will have access to the iSchool Virtual Academy learning management system at any time of the day for seven days a week, for the duration of the academic year (August 22, 2016 through May 26, 2017). This flexibility allows students to, in conjunction with their teachers, design a learning plan that meets their needs.

Do iSchool Virtual Academy students have to complete all lessons within the course?

Students are required to complete all of the requirements communicated by their content teacher by the end of their course.

How do iSchool Virtual Academy students access their teacher if they need help?

Students can access campus personnel, including teachers and support staff, in a variety of ways: phone, email, web conferencing tools, etc. Students will have the ability to meet with teachers and peers during live online classes, office hours, one-on-one sessions, and small group tutorials based on their individual academic needs and levels of content mastery.

Will attending iSchool Virtual Academy be the same as homeschooling?

iSchool Virtual Academy is a tuition-free homeschooling alternative. Our students receive a virtual education in the comfort of their own homes through the instruction of Texas-certified teachers. Our public online charter school program provides a defined curriculum that has been specifically aligned to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and students are required to participate in the same state testing program (STAAR) as all other public school students.


iSchool Virtual Academy students are required to meet specific state and program requirements. Student eligibility requirements are determined by Texas state laws, the Texas Education Agency, and ResponsiveEd. Before enrolling, please review the following eligibility requirements carefully.

Students in grades 3-12 who reside anywhere in the state, who are eligible to attend public school in Texas, was enrolled in a public school in Texas in the preceding school year, and who meet the other eligibility requirements of the TxVSN Online Schools (OLS) program may enroll in the full-time virtual instructional program. They will participate in rigorous, interactive online courses that emphasize extensive communication between the Texas-certified teacher and student and among students. The full-time virtual TxVSN OLS program is available to students who meet eligibility requirements defined in TEC, §30A.002. A student is eligible only if the student meets requirements for enrollment in the Texas public education system and

  • has been placed in substitute care in this state, regardless of whether the student was enrolled in a public school in this state in the preceding year; or
  • is a dependent of a member of the United States military, was previously enrolled in high school in this state, and does not reside in this state due to a military deployment or transfer.

It should be noted that the Texas Education Agency Student Attendance Accounting Handbook defines the term enrolled as actually receiving instruction by attendance in a public school rather than being registered before receiving instruction.

To participate in iSchool Virtual Academy students must:

  • Meet the requirements for enrollment in grades 3-12 in Texas, including documented evidence of successful completion of the eighth grade and/or existing high school transcript showing existing HS credits earned to date
  • Successfully meet requirements set forth in the iSchool Virtual Academy student engagement guidelines

Please Note: iSchool Virtual Academy does not accept students who are currently assigned to an alternative setting as a disciplinary consequence or suspended/expelled from their local school or district.

Students who have an incomplete Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement or Juvenile Justice Alternative Educational Placement are not eligible to enroll until the disciplinary placement has been completed in a brick-and-mortar school.

For more information on eligibility, please visit the Texas Virtual School Network Online School program page on the Texas Education Agency website.

A copy of one of the following documents must be provided for every student to verify age eligibility. To avoid unnecessary delays, provide a copy of this document along with your enrollment documents.

  • Official birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Certificate of live birth
  • Baptismal papers
  • Custody documentation

The enrolling student must reside within the state of Texas and reside within the existing boundaries of the charter school geographic service area. Acceptable proof of residency to be eligible for enrollment must be provided.

Students residing in the following districts are not eligible to enroll at iSchool Virtual Academy:
Chillicothe ISD, Culberson County-Allamoore ISD, Divide ISD, Kelton ISD, Linden-Kildare CISD, Paducah ISD, Saltillo ISD, Tenaha ISD, Walnut Bend ISD

Required Documents for Proof of Residency
To verify your legal residence, submit a copy of one of the following documents. If you do not have any of these documents, please contact the enrollment team to discuss acceptable alternatives.

  • Gas, electric, or water bill from the last 60 days that includes parent/guardian name and service address
  • Mortgage statement from the last 60 days or annual lease agreement that includes parent/guardian name and residence address
  • Rent receipt within the last 60 days that includes the parent/guardian name and residence address

All students enrolling in iSchool Virtual Academy must provide evidence of their current immunizations on either a state of Texas official immunization form. Forms must be stamped or signed by a health care provider.
Parents seeking exemption from immunizations for personal or religious reasons must request a vaccine exemption affidavit form in writing by mail, fax (512-776-7544) or a secure online request form from the Department of State Health Services, Immunization Branch.


A copy of the enrolling parent/guardian’s government-issued photo identification card which includes the parent/guardian’s name and date of birth (e.g. driver’s license, state ID, passport) must be submitted along with your enrollment documents. Additional documentation may be required if not the parent appearing on a student’s birth certificate.

If any of the following circumstances apply, you may need to provide additional documentation:

  • Custody order: If your legal guardianship is determined by a court order, please submit a copy of the order.
  • Students in Special Services: At the time of enrollment, all parents who indicate that their child has special services are required to submit a copy of the following:
    504 = 504 evaluation and 504 Plan
    Special Education = Complete annual ARD/IEP document that was completed within the last 12 months, along with any additional ARD/IEP documents held during the school year; and FIE (Full Individual Evaluation) that was completed within the last 3 years (including documentation of disability). For a student that has a REED (Review of Existing Evaluation Data) as their evaluation date, the FIE that supports that REED must be submitted too.
    ESL = Most current TELPAS score printout

The FIE (evaluation) and ARD/IEP documents must be current within the semester that the student is enrolling. If these documents need to be updated, we encourage you to work with your previous school before submitting an application. All special education documents are reviewed by iSchool Virtual Academy special education representatives.

Income Eligibility Guidelines
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