There are three different types of learners

  • Students who require little to no support
  • Students who need some support
  • Student who require extensive support

You will all have 24-hour access to your curriculum, the support comes through live interaction with teachers. The need for teacher involvement is determined through formal and informal means: tests, teacher observation of work, benchmarks, curriculum based assessment, or STAAR test results. The tools used are all encompassing and flexible to each student’s learning style.


Parents also receive a login. They can see everything their student sees, but they can’t adjust their grade or submit an assignment. They can see their student’s progress, what is due, what has been done, and how much time their student has spent using the system. The parent also has access to the teacher.

The parent’s role is to help in monitoring student coursework. They do not have a responsibility to present or teach the content. They need to make sure the student is adhering to the requirements, submitting assignments and logging in. We encourage parents who feel comfortable teaching their child to do so. Parents are welcome to provide all of the support as long as the student is showing mastery.


Teacher interaction happens in several ways:

  • Live Group Support: This is where live instruction happens. Live screen sharing allows the teacher to address a group of students at once.
  • Live Individual Support: Zoomboard is used more for one-on-one sessions directly with the teacher, it gives availability of two way, teacher and student interaction.
  • Custom Configurations: The teacher can individualize the experience. If the student is an auditory learner, the teacher may include more auditory learning with audio files, videos, and oral tests. Teachers can personalize for students who need accommodation needs. No other students can see what your student sees. Each platform and assignment can be personalized and may look different for each student.
  • Guided Group Projects: This platform allows for collaboration between students for group projects.
  • Project-Based Learning Experience: If students are involved in something that might meet objectives of a class, they can submit the real-life experience to meet the requirements under the direction of the teacher.

Students/parents can always ask if testing can be conducted differently, materials can be substituted, or an event they attend can count for an assignment.


All teachers are online from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. Teachers are also available for 2 hours a week outside of regular hours, evening, morning, or weekend. It can always change to meet the student’s needs.



iSchool Virtual Academy’s educational model is designed to encourage learning habits thatkeep the student’s mind inquiring and engaged.