Creating Community & Building Friendships

Discover Virtual Field Trips & Student Clubs For Every Interest

Our Goal Is To Expand Your Student’s Interests

Unlike homeschooling options, the iSchool online program is designed and managed by Texas-certified teachers. Although you’re not the teacher in the classroom, your support is critical to your student’s online education as discovered through the research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

What Can Your Student Expect With Our Virtual Field Trips & Online Student Clubs?

Teacher To Student Engagement

Students can build deeper relationships with teachers as they interact online around common interests and activities.

Student To Student Engagement

Your virtual student can never have too many online friends! Our small-group events are designed to create conversations.

Interests Exploration

With new technology comes new interests! Your virtual student will have the chance to be curious and explore new activities and hobbies.

Fun & Memories

iSchool isn’t all work and no play! Our student clubs and virtual field trips offer virtual students a way to make friends and fun memories.

Field Trip Experiences

Travel The Grand Canyon

No airline tickets or overnight bags are needed for this virtual adventure! Join the 10th-grade teachers for an unforgettable virtual experience.

Student Clubs

Animal Club
Art/Theatre Club
Book Club
Cooking Club
Math Club
Movie Club
Photography Club
School Spirit Club
Science Club and Student Government
Discover A Day In The Life Of A Student