Dear Families,

In keeping with ResponsiveEd®’s values, iSchool Virtual Academy welcomes partnering with you as an active participant in your child’s education. At iSchool Virtual Academy, you and your student receive, free of cost, a quality curriculum, a user-friendly platform, highly qualified teachers, invested administrators, and a personalized experience that meets your unique needs.

iSchool Virtual Academy uses the research-based and proven Comprehend curriculum to serve the needs of Texas students in grades 3-12. Using this curriculum as a baseline for learning, iSchool Virtual Academy then tailors your student’s experience based on their current levels of mastery. Our teachers are highly qualified, Texas-certified teachers, with special training to teach in a virtual environment. To help ensure you receive the support you need at a time when you need it, they provide instructional support to our students in a variety of settings, including small group and one-to-one sessions as well as scheduled after hour opportunities. Our teachers identify the skills your student needs to develop, and then help schedule the support your student needs to succeed.

iSchool Virtual Academy is not limited to formal academics. Teachers also organize school outings to both enhance class learning and provide opportunities for social interaction among peers and families.

We look forward to welcoming you to the iSchool Virtual Academy and ResponsiveEd family.

In Service to You and Your Student,
iSchool Virtual Academy Administration