How Online Public School is Preparing Students for College

By November 11, 2019Blog

It’s November, so you know what that means—students are gearing up to take their SATs and ACTs with the hopes of getting into college. This is true for both students enrolled in online charter schools and for students taking the traditional public school route. 

However, anyone that has been through college can tell you that SAT and ACT results are inadequate forebears for success at an institution for higher education. More so, success at college requires discipline, productive study habits, and grit. 

Interestingly, online education is helping students to prepare for college more than ever, thanks to advances in technology, individualized learning experiences, and strengthened writing skills. 

Familiarity with Technology

The college classrooms of today are more technologically advanced than ever. In fact, many current college students will never even step foot on a physical campus

Even in-person college classes make use of virtual learning environments for additional lessons, homework assignments, discussion forums, audio-visual supplements, or research.

Knowing the tech goes beyond the actual classes—social aspects are just as important. Students use technology to schedule study meet-ups with online calendars. They also use social media groups to keep track of the material and collaborate on projects. 

Tech-savviness is a big advantage for those wanting to get the most out of their education. Students already familiar with online learning will easily be able to jump into the college-level equivalent and have the skills to stay on top of their studies.

Student Studying for Courses Online

Independence and Self-Discipline

One of the hardest things about transitioning from high school to college is imposing self-given deadlines. 

While professors may outline due dates in their syllabi, students must also set their own goals and manage their own time to get things done. Many students struggle with keeping track of their assignments while they adjust to larger class sizes and less personal attention from professors.

Online learning builds self-reliance in students, a skill that will help them plan their time in college courses more effectively. Similarly, students with experience in online learning tend to take greater initiatives to learn on their own, seek help from tutors, and set objectives based on their own progress.

We see that many of the students enrolled in iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas are already experts at balancing a busy work, study, and personal schedule.

Student Using Tablet to Update College Course Schedule

Written Communication Skills

The ability to exceptionally communicate through writing is a vital skill for college and in the workplace. Few things are more frustrating than confusion simply due to a poorly-worded email.

In the classroom, the ability to communicate clearly is not only important in daily homework assignments but also applies to note-taking, speaking with professors, and collaborating with classmates for a team project. 

Effective written communication is honed through online learning and serves students well in college and beyond in our increasingly online world.

Higher education is a huge life adjustment. Having a background in online learning can ease the transition and set students up for success in ways that traditional education may not. 

As society moves more and more toward digital mediums, the skills gained through online learning will help students better navigate our rapidly evolving world and succeed in college and beyond.

iSchool Virtual Academy Students at Graduation