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Charter School

Your Choice of Education for a Brighter Future

A Student-Centric Texas Charter School

There are hundreds of excellent public schools throughout the Lone Star State. However, a traditional public school experience may not be the best match for your student’s unique needs.

Fortunately, you have the option of choosing iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas — a great alternative to the traditional public school learning path. As an accredited charter school, iSchool Virtual Academy can provide your students with the learning experience they deserve and prepare them to succeed in their academic journey.

What is a

Texas Charter School

A Texas charter school is an independently managed public school funded by the state. All charter schools, including iSchool Virtual Academy, are open admission. This means that the selection process is non-competitive — if your child applies. meets our criteria, we have vacancies in our program, and they will be accepted. 

Although iSchool Virtual Academy is managed independently, the program is accredited by the state. This accreditation demonstrates that we meet state-level educational mandates and offer a structured, organized learning experience. 

The key difference between iSchool and traditional public schools is that we have the freedom to tailor our curriculum and learning pathways to meet the individual needs of our students. We are not restricted by seat time requirements but instead use a mastery-based educational journey.

Benefits of iSchool Virtual Academy

iSchool Virtual Academy provides a wide range of advantages over traditional public school learning experiences. Some of the benefits of our charter school include:

  • Specialized curriculum
  • Hybrid learning options
  • Mastery-based instruction
  • Accelerated program for fast learners
  • Flexibility
  • Unique extracurricular offerings