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Leadership Team

A Dedicated Team Of Educators Committed To Our Future Leaders

Meet Our Team

At iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas, our leadership team is composed of an experienced, passionate group of educators who are committed to your student’s success. The entire leadership team, including our teachers, success coaches, directors, and admissions staff, go above and beyond to ensure your student is put in a position to thrive in our innovative learning environment.

Additionally, we strive to convey core leadership principles to our students from the moment they step into our program. By equipping them with the ability to lead and understand the needs of others, iSchool Virtual Academy is doing our part to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

Mandy Stevens

iSVA Campus Director

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Assistant Directors

Sheila McCarthy (4–8)

Renda Garner (9–12)

Leigh Reid (9–12)

Tammany Olson

PHSO Campus Director

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Assistant Directors

Kristina Tumlison (9–12)

Jillian Vidal (9–12)

Amanda Kelly

Director of Special Programs

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Cayce Feemster

Director of Engagement

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Engagement Assistant Director

Allison Cash