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Premier High School Transition to Junior College

Prepare For College and Success Beyond

Prepare your high school student for a successful transition to junior college with iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas. Our innovative virtual program combines personalized learning pathways, credit recovery services, and one-on-one support to equip students with skills and self-discipline for collegiate success.

Preparing to Transition to Junior College

Moving from high school to junior college is a huge achievement, but it can also be an incredibly challenging process. The structure of a traditional public school certainly provides some benefits to your students. However, it does not provide the same lessons in leadership, accountability, and self-discipline as a virtual or hybrid program.

At iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas, our unique high school program uses dynamic learning techniques and established best practices to prepare your student for collegiate success. Our flexible schedules teach them personal responsibility, and our custom-paced learning pathways give them the opportunity to develop winning study habits.

The Program

iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas serves high school students via our innovative virtual program. We combine small groups, one-on-one support, and a curriculum that is tailored to the individual needs of your student.

If your student has fallen behind on their studies, we also offer credit recovery services. These services allow them to make up lost time, improve their GPA, and prepare for the transition into junior college. 

Additionally, iSchool Virtual Academy works to support your student’s continuing education by helping them choose a learning pathway that aligns with their interests. 

During their time at iSchool Virtual Academy, our Success Coaches and counselors will get to know your student’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can guide them toward a degree program that is right for them. 

How We Prepare your Student for their Next Steps

iSchool Virtual Academy prepares students for their transition into junior college by:

  • Helping them learn useful and practical study tips
  • Teaching them about the importance of personal responsibility
  • Providing credit recovery services
  • Offering one-on-one counseling, coaching, and tutoring
  • Equipping them with leadership skills
  • Discussing their goals and needs
  • Conveying the importance of self-discipline and attention to detail

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