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Learning Environment

Transforming Education Our Innovative Approach

iSchool Virtual Academy provides a learning environment that supports a child’s academic success through consistent routines, organization, and designated study locations.

Our Learning Environment

Keeping a structured, clean, and organized learning environment is critical to the success of your student.

When a student attends a traditional education program, the school is responsible for cultivating this environment. However, when they attend an innovative program like iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas, creating the proper environment is a shared responsibility between our team, the parent, and the student.

Here’s a closer look at how we have built an engaging digital learning environment for your student, along with some tips you can use to support your child’s success.

Our Student Interface

The iSchool Virtual Academy student portal is user-friendly, engaging, and filled with useful tools.

Logging into the interface is the equivalent of arriving at school. From the moment your child logs in, they will be immersed in a structured, organized, and purposeful digital learning environment.

Next, they will need to find the appropriate class module, open it, and attend virtually. They will also be able to complete and submit work directly in the portal.

How You Can Help Your Student Achieve Success

iSchool Virtual Academy is committed to ensuring your student reaches their true potential. But we need your help! To support your student’s journey, you should:


Get Them on a Consistent Routine

Help your child create a consistent routine that they can stick to. Whether they start bright and early or a bit later, they should strive to complete their school work at around the same time each day.


Provide Tips for Getting (and Staying) Organized

Give your student some tips for getting organized. A clean, structured workspace will help them be more productive and focused while in class. Don’t worry – our Success Coaches will provide plenty of tips too!


Provide Them with a Designed Study Location

Whether you use a spare bedroom or your child has a vacant corner in their room, it is important that they have a designated location for doing their schoolwork.