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Moral and Civic Excellence

Beyond Academics, Teaching Lifelong Skills

Discover how iSchool Virtual Academy is committed to propelling your student toward moral and civic excellence by developing skills that are critical to life beyond academics.

Achieving Moral and Civic Excellence

As the leading online charter school in Texas, iSchool Virtual Academy is committed to helping your child achieve academic excellence.

However, we also understand that they need more than academics to thrive in adulthood. They also need soft skills, a strong moral compass, and an understanding of the importance of civic participation.

Framework for Excellence

We have implemented strategies for propelling our students toward moral and civic excellence. These strategies are based on proven frameworks, such as the best-selling book “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens.” At iSchool Virtual Academy, your student will learn these winning habits and also gain the following:

Soft Skills Development

Soft skills are non-academic talents that your student will need to succeed in their personal and professional life. Some examples include communication skills, emotional intelligence, and collaboration.

During their academic journey your student will learn about the importance of teamwork and collaboration, gain valuable communication skills, and build their emotional intelligence. These skills will help them forge lasting personal and professional relationships, resolve workplace conflicts, and support the success of their peers.

Community Service Opportunities

Getting active in the community is a great way to teach your student the importance of civic duty.

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we encourage students to get involved in community service events in their area. We also highlight upcoming events and help our students find ways to contribute. 

Physical and Mental Health Awareness

Serving others is an important part of your student’s developmental journey, but so is taking care of their own physical and mental health. At iSchool, they will learn practical nutritional and physical fitness tips that they can use to create a lifetime of wellness. 

We also place a strong emphasis on mental health, educating students on potential psychological or emotional challenges they may encounter. By cultivating an open and inclusive environment, we encourage students to make their well-being a priority.