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Our Educators

Creating Bright Futures

We understand that there are many barriers that can stand in the way of a student’s success, which is why we’ve taken the time to carefully put measures into place to ensure success.

Caring Teachers

Our teachers care deeply about the success of their students.

We strive to create an engaging learning environment that helps to inspire each student’s growth and progress. Our teachers put in extra effort to help their students better understand the material and achieve their goals. They understand that learning doesn’t happen the same way for everyone and adjust their teaching style to match the individual learning needs of their students. They provide support and guidance while encouraging students to take responsibility for their learning and strive to become self-motivated learners. With such support and dedication, our students can feel confident and empowered to learn.

Success Coaches

Supporting our students into reaching their highest potential.

In addition to our subject matter teacher, our Success Coaches offer specialized coaching in personal goal setting, problem solving, time management, and effective study techniques, helping our students take the necessary steps to reach their personal success. We firmly believe that success isn’t just measured in test scores, but also in the growth of our students as people, which is why our Success Coaches provide such valuable insight and guidance.

Passionate Educators

Having an impact on student lives.

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we genuinely care about our students, and we make sure this message of care is shared with each of them in all that we do. Starting at the top of our leadership and carrying throughout the entire team, we strive to ensure that each student feels respected, valued and seen. We take pride in every effort to ensure our students are well cared for, from their earliest to their latest moments as part of our academy. In the end, we want every student to know that their best interest is our priority and that their education matters.