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Career and Military Readiness

Take Control of Your Future

We are committed to providing an environment that promotes student success in college and beyond.

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Career Readiness

We strive to prepare our students for success beyond the virtual classroom.

Our curriculum, designed to offer a broad range of knowledge in a range of areas, enables students to pursue any path they desire after graduation. We offer our students a range of CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses that provide in-depth knowledge and skills relevant to different fields. Through these opportunities, iSchool Virtual Academy is dedicated to helping our students build a bright future and achieve their goals.

We offer support for career readiness through:

  • CTE Dual Credit Options
  • Industry Certification Options
  • Community College Entrance Exam Prep
  • Community College Entrance Exams
  • Career Awareness
  • College Transition Courses
  • Monthly Workshops/Topic Presentations
  • Resource Center

Military Readiness

We aim to help each student develop skills that are beneficial in the workforce and a successful military career.

Through a combination of robust and comprehensive educational experiences and leadership opportunities, our students learn how to effectively communicate, lead and follow, build resilience and grit, manage stress, work together and stay organized.

These core values equip our students with the fundamental skills and knowledge to be successful in their desired field of military service.

We take pride in teaching the importance of being prepared and equipping our students with the resources and skills to be ready for the military and any other career they choose.

We offer support for military readiness through:

  • Military Entrance Exam
  • ASVAB Test Prep Available
  • Recruiters Available for Presentations and/or to Meet with Students 1:1
  • Scholarship Opportunities Available
  • Resource Center

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