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Our Program Features

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Our online program provides free and accessible quality education to students looking for success outside of a traditional school.

What makes iSchool stand out from other programs?

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we offer an exceptional learning environment to prepare our students for college and future career paths. Our experienced educators customize the learning plans to fit each student’s needs, abilities and preferences. They encourage exploration, creativity and problem solving skills while promoting knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

We strive for excellence in student achievement with rigorous academics, numerous activities and virtual field trips, mentorship opportunities and special recognition. Students gain real-world skills through rigorous coursework that provides for challenging, inquiry-based instruction and integrated curriculum.

Our program promotes moral and civic excellence. We encourage a healthy understanding of social issues and development of critical thinking skills. Through interactive learning and hands-on activities, we empower our students to make informed decisions, responsible choices and serve their community. Our educators are dedicated to encouraging open dialogue and helping our students understand the moral implications of their choices.

We strive to provide our students with an outstanding education, which is accessible and affordable. We understand the value of a quality education and the associated costs, which is why we offer a homeschool alternative for parents that want to be involved with their children’s education. Additionally, our school ensures a safe and secure environment for our students to focus on their academic pursuits. We welcome student inclusion by providing support for learning, understanding and utilizing our virtual classroom technology. Our school is also focused on parent involvement to ensure successful educational experiences for each of our students.

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