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Acclimation to Virtual Learning

The Future of Learning

Understand how we acclimate you and your student to the virtual learning environment. We want to provide the best experience possible with onboarding sessions and personalized guidance.

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we understand that transitioning to a new environment, especially an online school program, can be overwhelming.

That’s why we put a priority on making sure that our students are given all the resources they need to feel ready to learn. To this end, we take steps to ensure that each student acclimates well to our program.




When our students begin the school year with us, they are given a full set of resources to make sure they are equipped for success.

Onboarding Sessions

We also offer virtual onboarding sessions for students and parents to make sure everyone is comfortable navigating our platform. We understand that technology can be tricky, so our team is here to ensure that students have the necessary tools to get up to speed as soon as possible.

Tips & Guidance

With our helpful tips and personalized guidance, our students quickly adapt and become familiar with the interface. We are committed to helping our students have a successful and fulfilling experience here at iSchool Virtual Academy.

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