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Homeschool Alternative

Take Charge of Education, An Alternative Solution

Discover iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas, the leading homeschool alternative. Our accredited public charter school provides a safe, self-paced learning experience with tailored support from success coaches, counselors, and passionate teachers.

A Leading Homeschool Alternative Experience

Homeschool is an excellent learning option for many students.

Whether your student has fallen behind in traditional courses, needs more personalized support, or wants a safe learning environment, taking charge of their education yourself is a great way to help them thrive. 

However, keeping up with state testing requirements and academic standards can be challenging. The good news is that you can tap into all of the benefits of homeschooling your child while we help get your student to a proper testing facility and be ready to take their state required test.

The solution: enroll your student at iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas. As an accredited entity, iSchool adheres to all state testing and curriculum requirements while also allowing your student to learn in the safety and comfort of their home.

How It Works

The iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas has created a simple yet effective learning program. Because it is a public charter school, you can enroll your student at zero cost. 

Once enrolled, they will be immersed in our fun, effective, and inclusive learning environment. They can take all of their courses online, make up credits, enjoy a self-paced learning experience, and prepare for state tests. 

The best part about iSchool is that we offer tailored experiences designed to accommodate the unique needs and learning style of your student. We support their success with a network of Success Coaches, counselors, and passionate, certified teachers. Additionally, we provide them with plenty of learning resources via our digital video library.