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Elementary and Middle School Social Engagement

Social Engagement for a Better Individual 

At iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas, elementary and middle school students can enjoy socialization opportunities through a variety of events throughout the school year. Students will enjoy the recognition they deserve or showcase their talents as they develop as an individual.

Socialization Opportunities for Young Students

When students transition from public school to a homeschool learning experience, they often miss out on the opportunity to participate in field trips, clubs, and socialization opportunities. Most virtual schools fail to address this important social need as well. 

At iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas, we have reimagined the virtual learning experience. We understand that many students and parents benefit from a flexible educational experience. However, we also understand that elementary and middle school students need socialization and the opportunity to participate in clubs.

Our elementary and middle school virtual program for 3rd through 8th grade provides a variety of socialization opportunities to your students.

Our Virtual Field Trips, Clubs, and Socialization Programs

iSchool Virtual Academy offers several different virtual field trips, clubs, and socialization opportunities to our elementary and middle school students, including:

Honor Roll Parties

Students who make our quarterly honor roll will be invited to virtual honor roll parties. During these parties, our honor roll students are recognized and celebrated. They have the chance to interact with other motivated students and take a break from normal academics.

Virtual Talent Shows

iSchool Virtual Academy hosts virtual talent shows. From solving Rubik’s Cubes to showcasing artistic talents, these shows give your student the chance to explore their skills and abilities in an inclusive, welcoming digital environment. 

Art Contests

Our art club gives students the chance to gather virtually, share their latest creations, paint, draw, and just have fun. Throughout the year, our art club will host art contests with grade-specific competitions. Getting involved in our art club is a great opportunity for your students to explore their creativity and interact with their peers. 

What's Up Wednesdays

What’s Up Wednesdays are a weekly get-together with iSchool Virtual Academies Success Coaches. These passionate members of our team will share tips for studying; discuss important, age-appropriate topics; and give your student strategies for being successful in their academic journey. 

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