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High School Social Engagement

Building Bonds Through Social Opportunities

Discover a world of socialization opportunities for high school students at iSchool Virtual Academy. Our program offers a range of fun and engaging activities for students to connect and showcase their interests.

Socialization Opportunities for Young Students

High school is a critical time in your student’s socialization journey. During these formative four years, they will learn important social skills, forge strong bonds with friends and classmates, and prepare for the next stage of their journey. 

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we ensure your student enjoys the benefits of virtual or hybrid learning while also being exposed to plenty of opportunities for socialization. Our program includes a wide range of virtual activities, including socialization events, clubs, and field trips. 

Get Social at iSchool Virtual Academy

iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas helps meet your student’s need for socialization via digital events and groups such as the following:

Art Club

Does your student have an artistic side? If so, they will love our virtual art club. During the art club’s regular meetings, they will have the opportunity to share their most recent work, chat with friends, and participate in contests. The winners of each contest will get to showcase their latest creations. 

Virtual Talent Shows

Virtual talent shows are fun, exciting events for the entire iSchool faculty and student body. During each show, students have the chance to showcase their skills, boost their self-confidence, and step out of their comfort zone to achieve personal growth. 

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a prestigious organization that recognizes academic excellence. Participation in the National Honor Society encourages your 10th – 12th grade student to continue their academic journey, honors them for their achievements, and can help prepare them for the next step on their educational journey. 

Honor Roll Parties

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we believe in recognizing the achievements of our students. That is why we host quarterly honor roll parties. These virtual gatherings give students the chance to interact with their peers, take a break from their normal academic routine, and receive recognition for excelling in their studies. 

What's Up Wednesdays

Our Success Coaches help students thrive on their educational journeys. From providing study tips to talking with students about the challenges they are facing, Success Coaches are critical to the virtual learning experience provided at our academy.

To help your student build trust with our Success Coaches, we host What’s Up Wednesday, a weekly digital event during which our team shares tips and tricks, answers questions, and engages with students. 

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