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Elementary and Middle School Curriculum

Foundational Knowledge

Our elementary and middle school online curriculum provides a well-rounded education that promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills through engaging activities and rigorous academics.

Innovative Curriculum

Through our curriculum, BrightThinker®, we offer an innovative approach to educating students from grades 4–8. We focus on rigorous and interactive courses to provide students with the best possible academic experience. Students choose from topics ranging from core academic skills like Math and Science to fine arts. All courses come with a wealth of multimedia elements and projects, along with engaging course videos.

Comprehensive Platform

It is easy to keep up with school work thanks to our comprehensive online platform. This platform is easy to use, providing easy access to grades, assignment tracking, course information, and resources to make the educational experience more streamlined and engaging. Plus, it has built-in flexibility, allowing for course customization so students get the learning experience best suited for their educational needs.

Focus on Reading

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we recognize that reading is a fundamental building block for educational success. Our comprehensive reading program offers children a structured approach to learning and supports language development. The program helps children become proficient and proficient readers and writers, allowing them to increase their reading fluency and comprehension. Through fun activities and stories, children develop a strong sense of comprehension and increase their knowledge of the world around them. By the end of their educational journey, our students have developed a lifetime of reading skills and will be prepared to move forward with their educational career.

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