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Student Inclusion

Be Part of Our Growing Community

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we are excited to play a role in your student’s academic journey. 

Foundation Part of the Learning Experience

iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas has cultivated a welcoming, inclusive experience that makes every student and family feel like a part of our family.

We demonstrate this from the moment you meet with our admissions team by making the conversation about your student and their academic needs. Our Success Coaches and counselors will talk with them about the challenges they face, their learning goals, and their interests and favorite subjects. 

By getting to know your student, the iSchool team is able to make them feel included, wanted, and welcome. 

What Makes Our Learning Experience Unique?

The iSchool Virtual Academy learning environment features a variety of events, clubs, and gatherings that are designed to build a community of online learners. In addition to enjoying daily coursework and a safe learning environment, your student will have an opportunity to interact with their peers, join clubs, and participate in virtual events.

Inviting Them to Join Clubs and Events

Upon enrolling at iSchool Virtual Academy, your student will receive an open invitation to our clubs and virtual events, including the art club, the talent show, and more. However, even if your student chooses not to participate in these optional events, they will be included in our inviting community of online learners.

Hosting What’s Up Wednesdays

What’s Up Wednesdays are weekly virtual meetings hosted by our Success Coaches. Students can ask questions, learn useful study tips, or just socialize with their peers and our staff. 

Talking to Them About Their Needs and Goals

Our responsive counselors want to put your student in a position to succeed. Instead of simply telling them what classes they must take, they will also take the time to learn about their needs, goals, and aspirations beyond school.