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Premier High School Curriculum

Make Your Own Success Story

Our curriculum provides the variety students are looking for to become successful adults. Career Technical Education and Credit Recovery programs both allow flexibility for students with jobs to attend classes.

Goal-Oriented Platform


Our mastery-based, flexible program allows students to tailor their own educational experience.

Focus Driven

Our online learning platform ensures that everything stays organized and on track and allows students to work at their own pace. 

Motivated & Engaged

With online support from qualified instructors, our students can stay motivated and engaged in their learning journey. 

Innovative Curriculum

BrightThinker® Curriculum is perfect for students in grades 9-12.

  • BrightThinker offers a variety of Career Technical Education courses that allow students to gain real-world experience, including: Entrepreneurship, Medical Terminology, Financial Planning and more.
  • BrightThinker also offers Credit Recovery programs which enable students to complete the coursework necessary to pass a course.
  • Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything students need to prepare for college and beyond. We put students on the right track for their future and make it easier than ever to excel.

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