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Elementary and Middle School Hybrid Instruction

Limitless and Flexible Learning Opportunities

iSchool Virtual Academy’s hybrid instruction program offers an engaging approach to education for elementary and middle school students designed to empower them to reach their full potential.

Multifaceted Program Tailored to Your Student

Our elementary and middle school program serves students in 3rd through 8th grade. In addition to offering a fully online option, iSchool Virtual Academy also has a hybrid instruction program for elementary and middle school students. The hybrid model gives students and parents the flexibility of online learning while also providing the social advantages of in-person learning.

Key Components of Our Hybrid Instruction

iSchool Virtual Academy has built a multifaceted hybrid elementary and middle school program designed to provide a seamless learning experience that is tailored to the unique needs of your student. The components of our program include the following:

Online Curriculum

As with our online program, the entire curriculum for our hybrid option is published online. Students and parents can review the curriculum through their portal, giving students the opportunity to work ahead and refresh their memory on key areas of academics. 

Live Instruction

The opportunity to attend live instruction is a key difference between our online and hybrid programs. At iSchool Virtual Academy, your student can attend weekly live sessions to reinforce important topics, learn in a social environment, or simply add variety to their educational routine. This aspect of our program serves to improve retention, socialization, and engagement. 

Small Group Sessions

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we are committed to putting our students in a position to thrive. As part of this commitment, we offer small group sessions, which allow your student to gather with a few of their peers and an instructor to participate in interactive learning experiences. 

One-on-One Help

Our Teachers and Success Coaches are always available to help those who ask. Whether your student is struggling with a specific area of academics or simply needs some personalized support, iSchool Virtual Academy has a dedicated team of teachers and success coaches available to assist. These one-on-one support sessions can be used to review past lessons, teach students better studying habits, or assist with test prep.

Video Library

If your student misses a live instruction session or needs to review a recent lesson, they can do so through our comprehensive video library. The iSchool Virtual Academy library is filled with engaging, digestible content that is easy for students to access and understand. The library includes interactive lessons, recorded sessions, and more.

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