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Why Choose Online Learning For Your Student?

We believe in preparing students for their tech-forward future.
That’s why we use the BrightThinker curriculum which is an intuitive and engaging online curriculum for 3rd to 8th grade students. Our programs are designed to challenge and support your student with individualized learning.

Explore Our Academic Online Curriculum

iSchool’s 3rd to 8th grade students are engaged and supported by our proven online program. Designed for individualized instruction, our eCurriculum provides a tech-forward, modern learning environment for your student.

Core Courses

Your student’s core courses are covered with our complete online program. Best of all, this program was designed to be online, ensuring a quality experience.

Engaging Media

From dynamic video lessons to high-definition images and ebooks, our academic online school creates an engaging, media-rich experience that’s sure to capture and keep your student’s attention.

Customization Features

Our eCurriculum offers opportunities for customization to fit each learning style. The intuitive dashboard provides a fun and easy way for students to take control of their day-to-day learning.

Flexible Pacing

While our program isn’t self-paced, it is flexible-paced! This allows your student the freedom to learn at their speed. Whether their learning is best facilitated in the early morning hours or at midnight, our tuition-free online program can accommodate!

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