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Why Choose Online Learning For Your Student?

We believe in preparing students for their tech-forward future.
That’s why we use the BrightThinker curriculum which is an intuitive and engaging online curriculum for 9th – 12th-grade students. Our programs are designed to challenge and support your student with individualized learning.

Explore Our Academic Online Curriculum

iSchool’s 9th to 12th-grade students are engaged and supported by our proven online program. Designed for individualized instruction, our eCurriculum provides a tech-forward, modern learning environment for your student.

Core & Elective Courses

Your student’s core and elective courses are covered with our complete online program. Best of all, this program was designed to be online, ensuring a quality experience.

Engaging Media

From dynamic video lessons to high-definition images and ebooks, our academic online school creates an engaging, media-rich experience that’s sure to capture and keep your student’s attention.

Customization Features

Our eCurriculum offers opportunities for customization to fit each learning style. The intuitive dashboard provides a fun and easy way for students to take control of their day-to-day learning.

Flexible Pacing

While our program isn’t self-paced, it is flexible-paced! This allows your student the freedom to learn at their speed. Whether their learning is best facilitated in the early morning hours or at midnight, our tuition-free online program can accommodate!

Who is iSchool Designed For?

Brianna, 11th Grade
The Goal-Oriented Learner
  • Prefers independent studying
  • Focuses on moving forward towards graduation
  • Feels empowered when learning online rather than a traditional setting
Michael, 12th Grade
The Determined Learner
  • Needs recovery credits to graduate 
  • Prefers a flexible-paced program for after-work studying 
  • Chooses to graduate with a high school diploma rather than a GED