Parent Support Is The Key To Online Success

Learn How To Encourage Your Virtual Student

Your Involvement Is Essential To Student Success

Unlike homeschooling options, the iSchool online program is designed and managed by Texas-certified teachers. Although you’re not the teacher in the classroom, your support is critical to your student’s online educational success.

Parent Support Agreements

We ask all parents who choose iSchool to agree to support their online students in the following ways:
Stay Engaged With Account Access

Your developing student is in a new environment online. We ask that parents utilize their account access to offer guidance during important dates and coursework.

Provide Online Access & Basic Supplies

A reliable connection to the internet is vital for educational success, as is access to basic school supplies. Each teacher will provide a supplies list. (Chromebooks available for loan.)

Provide Feedback

The online environment can be challenging to navigate, which is why it’s important that parents provide immediate feedback and guidance about online etiquette. Students need to learn that words and actions in cyberspace have real-world consequences and reactions.

Model Positive Communication

Parents are models of communication for students. Please keep your online student’s teacher and success coach updated during address or phone number changes. Please encourage your student to stay in positive communication with teachers and success coaches.