PREP – College Preparation Courses for Grades 9-12

College Preparation Courses for Grades 9-12

iSVA – Prep is a flexible college-preparation program designed for students who are academically successful, independent learners, and have plans for post-secondary education. Students work independently on courses with on-demand support from Texas-certified teachers five days per week. Students must meet or exceed expected progress standards and maintain a mastery level understanding of all coursework.

This rigorous comprehensive model encourages students to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) classes and work independently through each knowledge unit to gain information needed to achieve the mastery-based standard. Students succeed at their own pace while preparing to continue their education beyond high school. Though our partnership with Lone Star College, students have the ability to take dual-credit courses that count toward college.

Why Students Enroll at iSVA – PREP:

  • Earn college credits while in high school
  • Access to AP classes
  • Rigorous standards and challenging coursework
  • Independent study with access to online teachers
  • Real-world, project-based learning
  • Self-paced with potential for early graduation
  • Preparation for college in an online world

Letter from the Director:

If your goal is to be challenged in high school and attend a college or university upon graduation, then iSVA – PREP is the perfect option. You can accomplish your goals from the comfort of your own home while working online.

iSVA – PREP is an officially designated Early College High School through the Texas Education Agency.  Our partnership with Lone Star College allows our students the amazing opportunity and privilege to earn, not only a high school diploma, but potentially an associate’s degree all within a four year time frame.

iSVA – PREP has a passionate philosophy that centers on the ResponsiveEd mission to provide hope to all students through innovative, character-based, personalized learning environments.

We welcome you to experience this one-of-a-kind environment where state-of-the-art technology meets a true college preparatory curriculum.

Tammany Olson