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Online Learning.

iSchool Virtual Academy is an online, fully accredited virtual school with a 3rd through 8th grade program designed specifically with younger students in mind.

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Students enjoy a fun, safe, and engaging learning experience.

Success through an engagement-based, teacher-directed approach.

Opportunities for an independent-based, student-directed approach.

The key to success in this environment is parent involvement.

We Guide You & Your Student From Day One

All students are assigned a success coach on or before the first day of school. This coach serves as a homeroom teacher and engagement specialist.

Combined with our certified teachers and professional staff, the success coach spends ample time acclimating the student and parents/guardians to our online learning environment.


Academic Program

Students receive a mastery-based state-accredited curriculum aligned with target due dates and unit deadlines to assist them with pacing. Our program shows students’ comprehension and understanding of the materials–a private school quality curriculum for free.

Program Overview:

  • TEKS Curriculum
  • On-Demand Learning Videos
  • Customizable Dashboard Options
  • State Testing Prep Courses
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Learning Options to
Meet Student Needs:

  • Online Curriculum
  • Live Instruction
  • Small Group
  • One on One
  • Recorded Videos


Instructional Model

Our program allows for flexibility based on each student. However, students are to stay on pace based on the due dates assigned through the curriculum. Our teachers and success coaches are available in their virtual classrooms Monday through Friday to support our students.

Foundational Support for Success

For our 3rd and 4th-grade students, we identify individual reading levels and address gaps by providing supplemental instruction form our Reading Specialist.

We understand the importance of reading and comprehension in our program and offer individualized support to give our students the best chance of success.

Focused on Engagement

School Engagement is

More Than Just Talk.

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we recognize the significance of student engagement and the resulting academic success. We instill a sense of community by encouraging interaction between peers and teachers through live instruction, homeroom activities, virtual field trips, and engaging clubs.

Engaged students are 2.5 times more likely to say they get excellent grades and do well in school, and they are 4.5 times more likely to be more hopeful about their future than their actively disengaged peers.”

Tim Hodges via GALLUP

Parent Involvement is Key

Even with all the support from our staff, parent(s) must also serve as their student’s accountability partner. They should encourage and monitor consistent progression and success in their courses. Open communication with teachers and success coaches is vital to ensuring the child’s success.

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