Flexible Learning Options For Grade School Kids


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Give Your Student A Private School Quality Education At Home For Free

At iSchool, we aim to provide 3rd to 12th-grade students with educational, technological, and socialization opportunities and support as they prepare for their future.

Elementary/Middle School Program

This program is geared toward 3rd to 8th graders to engage with and excite students.

Discover our 3rd to 8th grade program

High School Program

This program has two paths to graduation for 9th to 12th graders to keep them on track and goal-oriented.

Discover our 9th to 12th grade programs

The Perfect Homeschooling Alternative
For Your Virtual Student

Our fully-accredited online public school is a tuition-free program for 3rd to 12th grade students. Plus, we also offer credit-recovery through our program!

Best of all, your student can complete 100% of their education in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Why Choose The iSchool Program?

  • Texas-Certified Teachers Manage Virtual Classrooms
  • Our Virtual Curriculum Challenges And Prepares Students For The Real World
  • Students Love Our Virtual Field Trips & Student Clubs
  • We Prepare Student For State Standardized Testing
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iSchool Virtual Program Features

Not all virtual school programs are alike. Here are our key features that make up our best in class program for your child’s education.
Flexible Pacing & 24/7 Class Access

Our online public school program was built to offer your student flexibility. If your student works best in the mornings or evenings, they’ll find our program supports their personal learning preferences.

Success Coaches & Texas Certified Teachers

Unlike traditional homeschooling where the parent becomes the teacher, iSchool’s programs are facilitated by 1:1: support from Success Coaches and Texas Certified Teachers.

Free & Fully Accredited

Our tuition-free program is fully-accredited to offer your student a top-notch virtual education. Plus, our interactive program is specifically for an online experience first!

Virtual Field Trips & Student Clubs

There are plenty of opportunities for fun at iSchool! Your student will get to know their teacher and classmates in a virtual environment as well as student clubs, events and virtual field trips.

Is iSchool Right For My Student?

Our online public academic program offers high school students the opportunity to prepare for their tech-forward future in a safe learning environment, their homes!
Your student will most likely succeed at iSchool if he/she is…
An Independent Learner

Does your student immediately turn to Google when they have a question? Maybe your student tends to read ahead in class or prefers to work alone? You’ve got an independent learner on your hands!

Self-Motivated & Disciplined

Students that are motivated and self-disciplined understand how important it is to stay on track. These students will do well in iSchool’s program, which offers flexible pacing.

Supported By You, The Parent

The strongest asset a student has is a supportive and engaged parent at home. iSchool offers resources to help parents learn the best ways to encourage their student’s online learning.

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