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iSchool Virtual offers a tuition-free online education program that prepares students for a tech-forward future. With state-approved curriculum, personalized support from success coaches, and the expertise of Texas-certified teachers, we provide an engaging virtual learning environment. Our mastery-based curriculum and flexible learning options ensure students reach their goals, while our focus on school engagement and involvement of parents from day one creates a supportive educational experience.

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Texas-Certified Teachers

At iSchool Virtual we are committed to providing a top-of-the-line online education program that prepares students for success in a tech-forward world. Our tuition-free program offers a state-approved curriculum delivered by dedicated Texas-certified teachers who are passionate about helping students thrive in a virtual learning environment.

Discover the Future of Education with

Tech-Forward Online Curriculum

At iSchool Virtual Academy we combine live instruction and online resources into a comprehensive virtual school program. Your students will engage with dynamic content that promotes critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. We prioritize mastery-based learning, allowing students to develop a deep understanding of subjects and build a strong foundation for future success.

Thrive in a Virtual Learning Environment with

Personalized Support

At iSchool Virtual we understand that each student is unique, which is why our program focuses on personalized support. Success coaches are available to ensure students stay on track, providing one-on-one assistance and guidance when needed. This personalized approach fosters a supportive learning environment that empowers students to reach their full potential.

We believe in the importance of school engagement and the involvement of parents. We actively collaborate with families, ensuring they are part of their child’s educational journey from day one. This partnership creates a strong support system and enhances student achievement.

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Enroll in iSchool Virtual today and experience the benefits of virtual learning, personalized support, tech-forward curriculum, and the expertise of Texas-certified teachers. Together, let’s unlock your child’s potential and prepare them for a bright and successful future.

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Our Enrollment Process

Once your application is submitted and has been reviewed by our team to ensure we don’t need any additional information, you will be able to submit your enrollment documents. You will be required to provide:

Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
Immunization Record
Two Proofs of Residency
Parent or Guardian Photo ID
Current Transcripts