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iSchool Virtual Academy is a fully accredited, tuition-free online public school for students grades 9–12 across Texas.

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What is an

Online Virtual School?

iSchool Virtual Academy gives your family access to the curriculum, the online learning platform, and Texas state-certified teachers to help your student receive the support they need to be successful

  • Families will purchase school supplies for some courses, as they would in a brick-and-mortar classroom.
  • Any optional field trips organized by the school’s local community coordinators would be the only other outside expense.
  • Students can learn at home, on the road, or wherever they have the internet.
  • Attendance, teach interaction, and daily lessons are online.

iSchool Virtual Academy uses the BrightThinker curriculum. Students and their Success Coaches collaborate with teachers to facilitate learning and achieve the academic goals set in each students’ personalized learning plan.

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Texas-Certified Online Teachers

At iSchool Virtual Academy, all students interact with state-certified teachers for each course. Communication occurs regularly with their teachers through email, telephone, web conferencing, live virtual sessions, and online meetings.

All students have daily 24-hours access to a robust online homeschool curriculum for each course with various assignments and interactive content to help them navigate the year’s learning under the direction of their assigned teachers.

A Supportive Online Learning Environment

iSchool Virtual Academy also provides a comprehensive support system to both parents and students. The course teachers and campus administrators are always accessible by phone, email, or web conference!

Working closely with the teacher, the parent (or another responsible adult) serves as a “Learning Coach” to the student. The Learning Coach helps facilitate their progress and works to keep the student on task. The Learning Coach will ensure the student submits assignments to their teachers on time, attends live instruction when needed and required, and maintains a healthy pace throughout the year.

Personalized Learning, Public School Accountability

iSchool Virtual Academy provides virtual online learning that caters to the needs of each student. In addition, iSchool provides the structure, administrative support, instructional and operational oversight, accountability, and state testing required of all Texas public schools.

Social Opportunities

At iSchool Virtual Academy, we strive to build community. We provide various opportunities for students to interact to enhance their learning and socialization. Students can form lasting relationships, nurture teamwork, practice communication skills, and have fun.

How Much Does Online Learning Cost?

iSchool Virtual Academy is FREE to Attend.

Since we work online, we do not require a standard set of school supplies or texts. We encourage you to purchase those items that will help your student succeed. A laptop can be loaned to qualifying students upon request.

Our teachers will provide a list of resources needed for each lesson if they are required. Teachers have the flexibility to modify experiments if families are unable to purchase the supplies.

Is Virtual School the Same as Homeschooling?

Online learning at iSchool Virtual Academy allows students the flexibility to learn at home while benefiting from online courses taught by dedicated, certified teachers. We are 100% tuition-free and fully accredited. If you don’t have access to a laptop, we will loan one to your student, free of charge, upon request.

Traditional Homeschooling

  • The parent serves as the child’s teacher for all subjects.
  • The parent determines the schedule and when new lessons and instruction are available.
  • The parent researches the curriculum, develops the assignments, and grades all student work.
  • Many homeschooled students must take the GED® exam to earn a credential recognised in higher education and the workforce.

Virtual Public School

  • Certified teachers develop a personalized learning plan for each student.
  • Students can access material at any time. The teachers periodically meet with students for real-time instruction and lessons in the virtual classroom.
  • Teachers also grade assignments and quizzes and provide ongoing feedback to students by phone and email
  • Students graduating from iSchool Virtual Academy earn an official high school diploma and are will-prepared for college, career, and life.

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